Important THT Upgrade Information

Important THT Upgrade Information

On the 28th of September 2022, THETA developers will perform the v4.3.0 upgrade via a hard fork that will enable the support of wrapped THETA (wTHETA) as a TNT20 token and the staking THETA (TFuel) for a great utility increase. This will allow THETA to be used within smart contracts, which normally isn’t possible as a native token.

This critical upgrade will permit THETA to be used in Theta-based Dapps, for DeFi, or within Metamask wallets among many other use cases. Staking THETA will be possible through smart contracts, which makes pooled staking easier and allows users to create a wider variety of staking products.

The upgrade will require the creation of wTHETA in order to register a subchain and to post THETA collateral for the subchain validators.

AltumBrokers might set THT pairs to Close Only mode for a few hours during this process, which means that no new positions can be opened. Pre-existing open positions can however be closed. We will continue to offer THT pairs for trading for as long as we receive pricing from our liquidity providers.

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